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Satsang Vihar Delhi, which came into existence on 4th Oct, 1975, is an extension of the greater institution of Satsang Deoghar and the philosophy of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, the Living Ideal. For millions of devotees who follow Him, He embodies the God incarnate and the Saviour. Satsang Vihar Delhi instituted with the very purpose to fulfil the undying intention to serve humanity and existence of everyone’s well-being follows the path that Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra has laid down in His life. Among the many centres called Mandirs and Vihars spread over India and in Bangladesh, Satsang Vihar Delhi is an embodiment which propagates His messages and teachings and works tirelessly through its devotees to establish the ‘Truth’. Delhi Satsang Vihar operates under the umbrella of the larger Satsang philanthropic organization presided over by Sree Ashok Chakravarty (Sree Sree Dada), the current Pradhan Acharya.

Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra as a Man on mission, established the Truth of Life with words, “Do never die, nor cause death; but resist death to death.” His message to the world living in destituteness, violence, crime, poverty and hunger resounded with love for everyone who looked for a saviour and freedom from uncertain future. Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, Fulfiller the Best of the age, called upon everyone to resist death, of all sorts, physical and spiritual, to rejuvenate innumerable dwindling souls and to awaken minds in deep slumber surrounded by worldly woes. He, with His life and sayings, and His own conduct and steps, has shown with great care and love how to enjoy life, live it to the full, in its myriad colours and yet retain one’s character weeding out possibilities of threats that take away the joy of very existence and growth. In His life, Sree Sree Thakur has tried to bring sense to all discussions over traditional practices and wisdom to theories of modern science at one pedestal refuting none and discarding nothing. His answers were so simple to complex problems of life and beyond, that people who came to him were at awe of His knowledge and understanding of matters.

Satsang, therefore, is not merely a religious institution or just a social organization but one dedicated to the service and existence of humanity as a whole—the being and becoming of all, using whatever existential means that may be felt necessary evoked by the urge of the situation with Sree Sree Thakur as the Living Ideal and Pivot.

We welcome you therefore to read, understand and investigate into the Life of the Living Ideal, our Master Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, to invigorate the divinity within and find your way into bliss. Come, join hands to serve humanity – through His teachings and guidance of the present Pradhan Acharya Sree Sree Dada to shun fear, distress, materialistic wants and everything that hinders your growth for a blissful and beautiful life.


Jajan | Jaajan | Istavrity

Activities that every satsangee does

Jajan’ is to contemplate the ‘holy name’, the ‘sat-naam’ that vibrates our whole existence and urges to be merged with the  supreme father.

Jaajan’ is to exalt others through active service and make them proficient for existence.

Istavrity’ is a gratuitous offer to the love-Lord at twilight, described as an intuitive drive towards ‘saamartha yoga’ (capacity enhancing exercise).

Every Satsangee believes Observance of the three principles is a thorough exercise for existence and excellence.


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Diksha (Initiation)

“The practice through which capability of a person increases is known as Initiation.”
Ref. [Diprakshi, vol.3, page 207]

We know that we have been born with a tendency towards unification, i.e. an inherent attachment. We shall be shaped according to the object in which we place our attachment. “The water of Swati-star produces effect according to the receptacle.”

“The being is full of regard, and a man is what his object of regard is.” (Gita) If we can wholly concentrate our love on the Ideal with unrepelling active adherence, we have nothing to worry about. Then Dharma, wealth, fulfillment of desire and liberation will be at our disposal. We shall find fulfillment by achieving all-round worldly and other-worldly welfare.

In order to concentrate our entire love on the Ideal, we have to practice everyday some scientific processes. To learn these processes with all regardfulness is to be initiated. After initiation we have to observe these things daily with due adherence. This will develop our love for the Ideal from day to day. In a word, our character will be tinged according to His characteristics ­.


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